Based in Sfax, known by its magnificent olive trees in Tunisia, Inter Wood Craft designs and manufactures products made of magnificently beautiful olive wood which is not only known for its strength and solidity but also for its very compact appearance.

Our Company Inter Wood Craft is designed to provide a place where you can get environmentally and healthy products made of olive wood to replace toxics and pollutants for your daily to promote a healthier way of living for you, your family and the future generations.

All our products are handmade with olive wood 100% Tunisian, who is one of the most beautiful, rare and expensive wood in the world. With 100% of manual work, we are able to adjust the sizes, widths and patterns as required. We offer natural and very original designs.
The olive tree is used as part of craft activities. Its wood, light yellow, veined with irregular fibers, hard, gives a fine polish.
The olive tree is used as part of craft activities. Its wood, light yellow, veined with irregular fibers, hard, gives a fine polish.


We work only with massive olive wood of first quality and we protect the healthy olive trees, those are old more than thousand years, since we only work with the branches. We use the trunk and roots only dead trees naturally. On our olive wood, it is allowed to air dry before it is worked. Our olive wood is very hard and resistant wood with few pores, natural and treated only with edible oil.

II . Hygiene

The Olive Wood Massive Natural, it does not absorb liquids, bad odors and it is not easily stained. For this reason it is very suitable in the kitchen, because the bacteria can not penetrate the wood.
Our products are ideal in the kitchen due to the hardness of olive wood and its content of oil that kills bacteria, they are hygienic and other products
The olive wood is not only beautiful it is also very practical. By its natural content in the oil, it kills bacteria and is thus more hygienic for food than other wood or plastic products.

III .Our Products

Our products are handcrafted from the trunk or branches of the olive trees. Each piece of wood has a different structure which makes each object a unique and exclusive creation. This is what makes the sealing and the rustic charm of olive wood products. Once finished these products have been only coated with cooking oil and not varnished to keep intact the appearance of natural wood. The result is a very elegant slightly matt product and quite healthy because no varnish will peel and mix with food. Our range of products includes many craft elements of decoration accomplished (chessboards, bottle-holder) and kitchen collection (pestles and mortar, bowls, small fruit dish , spatulas, ladles, spoons and forks, salad spoons, spoons of honey, cutting boards, kitchen utensils,…). To guarantee their quality, all our parts are given special attention during the drying process. You find here a wide range of olive wood items. The dimensions are presented only for illustrative purposes and may slightly vary according the shape and quality of the raw tree.

IV .ECO-advantages of our INTER WOOD CRAFT

The wood is sourced from managed forests recognized for their carbon capture for cleaner air. We work in compliance with the law and nature. Origin of our INTER WOOD CRAFT Tunisia, Degenerated and Fruitless olive trees are selectively cut.

V .INTER WOOD CRAFT  ensure Strong Customer Satisfaction:

Keeping our customers satisfied is a continuous process. We do our best to work with you before and after your Goods is shipped.

VI .Export High Quality of Olive Wood:

As an export company, we understand the needs of our foreign customers. Each olivewood product is individually wrapped and hand inspected prior to shipping. We use high quality shipping boxes and have the ability to print and apply customer specific barcode labels and product tags.